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How to be positive | itsGrace

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My mission.

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Change | Quotes | Pinterest on We Heart It.

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Kevin Cooley

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Oh my god. 

gurl im gone

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#I’m crying about this #BECAUSE THESE ARE THE SHOES GANYA’S WIFE HAD #this is such a small detail but it makes my soul sob violently #because she actually bought THE EXACT SAME SHOES that the headgirl of the group of these fancy women had #because she didn’t feel like a part of this group from the very beginning #not when she was observing them in the restaurant and realised they were all sitting pretty #not when she was walking with them and everything was awkward and not how it was supposed to be #BUT SHE BOUGHT THE SHOES ANYWAY #because she wanted to be their friend so much #she wanted to feel like one of them #AND LOOK AT HER FACE LOOK HOW FUCKING PROUD SHE IS OF HAVING THOSE SHOES #look at her little confident smile that says ‘Yeah now I’m good. Now I can be one of them. Now they will accept me. #SHE WANTED THIS SO MUCH #if this doesn’t break your heart I don’t know what else to say

this was actually the worst part of the show for me like of all the terrible things that happen this made me cry so much which is probably bad but idc 

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Monkey Bread - As Requested!

my sister and i just made monkey bread so I’m very excited.

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